Rank Almost Any Youtube Video #1 on GOOGLE

A report on How to Rank Almost Any Youtube Video #1 on Google by Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss has caught on like a firestorm with good reason. The report works and I can directly testify to its effectiveness.

Here is my Official Youtube Google Hack Review

I probably have the best case studies in the market to give this report an honest review. Why? Because I have done video reviews of Ryan Deiss products such as Rep Mogul and others resulting in page 1 rankings on Google.

These reviews I did through video, I did implementing the exact strategies being shared in this report. After doing the Youtube videos I achieved page 1 ranking on google in a matter of 24-48 hours and often times in the top 5 results.

You can use this strategy multiple ways:

1. You can use it to drive targeted traffic to a specific website or webpage.

2. Use it to drive traffic to a physical product page.

3. To generate opt-ins by sharing a niche tip or strategy

4. Generate traffic to an affiliate product

I could go on with ways you can use this strategy, I think its best to ask what do you need targeted and qualified web traffic too?

This report can really help.

What you might not like is that a ton of people have already taken advantage of this offer and started implementing it. By making it only $7, pretty much anyone can afford it allowing the cost of entry a non-issue for your competition. My recommendation here is to make sure you get the report so your competition doesn’t take your market share implementing these strategies before you.

You can get the Youtube Google Hack Report here.

The Facts:

  • Google is now ranking YouTube videos that leverage a few simple hacks above established 10 year old webpage so you can now CRUSH your competition.
  • Did also you know that leads generated AFTER someone views a YouTube video are worth 5X to 10X an ordinary lead in sales?
  • More video is loaded to youtube in 1 month than the three major news networks have created over the last 60 years.
  • Since Google owns youtube its a no brainer that they WILL rank their platform over other regular web content.
  • Youtube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the world next to google.

Again the only downside I see with this report is that the cost of entry is so low that your competition probably has it already. Question is are they really implementing it.

Get the Youtube Google Hack Report Today.




Rep Mogul Video Review

Here is my video Review of Rep Mogul



Rep Mogul Review

I just got done going through the members area of Rep Mogul and here is what I think of the program.

First here is what I like about the program:

  • The members area is really easy to navigate.
  • You have 8 Modules with short videos within each that have a navigation menu so you can get in and get out.
  • The program is broken down to take a brand new beginner from start to finish, but it is so well organized a seasoned online veteran can find the nuggets they are looking for.
  • The Software- Rep Runner, the program not only teaches you how to do online reputation management. They also provide a project management software! This thing is amazing and is the one reason why I have the system.
  • Even if you don’t know how to sell a darn thing, this program equips you with the information that will do the selling for you.

I really like the all encompassing approach that was take with the program from not only training, but also providing a real infrastructure to operate from.

Here is what I don’t like:

I don’t recommend selling your service of reputation management by the hour. You see I think you price per project and sell by the “value proposition” of why people should work with you vs. the other guy. I don’t think it should ever come down to price. Don’t get me wrong the program doesn’t teach to sell just based off of price. However, if you are new and don’t understand how to position yourself as the “competitive advantage” you could easily revert to price as the sole reason to work with you. Just keep this in mind when you get started to sell based on your expertise, not price.

Additional thoughts:

I like the fact that they provide you will four different software’s to help grow your business, and insiders club, and a well organized support area.

The softwares include:

  • Link Builder
  • Gold Digger
  • Buzz Cut
  • Rep Runner

Here is The Official Rep Mogul Website